late night scribbles

"Sometimes “old feelings” can tell you things that are not true about a current situation.

Your emotional scars will raise alarm when you’re in a situation that echoes one past.

These are harder to see through from but with time and trust, they too will be undone,

replaced with the new truth of your experiences.” 

It’s natural for us to feel this way, for  anyone and everyone, this feeling is not limited to any one person. I’ve been there, and those feelings were placed there under some very rough circumstances. I’ve made a complete 180 and at this point in my life, emotionally/mentally, I am in a solid place. Ready to take on anything that’s thrown at me. And moreover, ready to show patience and care to anyone in my life who may need that. I didn’t always get those two components so I’m really striving to offer that to those I care for.

Because baby, I’m trying so hard for you. Trying to assure. I’m working on giving the time, because I was given time and it did wonders. But I need some trust that you want to find out some new truths. Truly.